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I’m using this just as a dump for my brain, and I don’t care if this is a bad idea.

However, I would recommend that you do not follow me if you do not want to hear the rants of an autistic crazy-woman who thinks the “normal” world is weirder than her own imagination… Actually, no. That’s not fair to my imagination! The world has a weirdness all its own, as do I.

Watch out as I may tread on vulgar, sensitive, or touchy issues, but otherwise this page is safer for work than most things in this series of tubes. I wouldn’t post anything unsuitable that I didn’t find in some way entertaining, which means that a few of my posts might contain some swears and otherwise non-child-friendly material, but nothing obviously made just for vulgarity’s sake.

Since there’s been a minor resurgence in the OFF fandom (at least within myself), I’ll post these silly photomanips illustrating an idea that I wanted to do for a while, but had to put on hiatus after the OFF fandom drove me to insanity. Let’s just say it had something to do with the true nature of those Elsens, and leave it at that.

Whether adorable or horrific, I thought that one of the only actors who could’ve played such characters would’ve been the late Roddy McDowall. It didn’t help that I had, and still have as of this post, a massive crush on the actor, and an obsession with the amount of roles he took in, well, just about everything; if you remembered it, chances are Roddy had at least a cameo in it, from mystery shows to Saturday morning cartoons.

Rod died well before OFF was even a twinkle in Mortis Ghost’s eye, but that doesn’t prevent me from making an OFF-as-a-60’s-movie-AU. I’d imagine such a movie would, depending on its production and budget, be either a thin adaptation or a dramatic twist on the game’s plot. Probably no way that the language and content would be 100% the same, but what it’d be replaced with could possibly more than suffice dramatically.

Sure, Roddy wouldn’t be the only Elsen (I briefly toyed around with Jerry Lewis being an Elsen, but dismissed it), but as Elsens are supposed to look rather similar, perhaps the few actors playing the Elsens would be used for multiple Elsen characters in different scenes. I could imagine Roddy being some of the “guard” Elsens (the ones that need codes to allow you to pass, not that they like you being correct), Elsens at the park (timid things that don’t want to have excitement), and worker Elsens (perhaps the Cavalry or Pastel Burnt?).

Certainly, going by the idea that a lot of these monster transformations are metaphorical rather than physical, Roddy wouldn’t have to wear ridiculous makeups and be overlayed with silly animation, but there is an idea to show a monstrous side through more subtle makeups, like black/grey veins, talon-like nails, and a general "scorched" appearance. Makes the "monstrosity" of the Elsens visible yet subtle, and of course knowing that these unstable beings are human(oid) all along makes you wonder what the true alignment of your protagonist really is.

Obviously the roll of the Batter wouldn’t be played by your average 60’s American hero-type, but then I wouldn’t know who. I’ve only just begun to explore who’s who in Sixties cinema, and that’s only American cinema. Probably a more international cast would be in order, and that’s assuming the movie would be made in English. Aw, well, this is just a silly experiment and I really, REALLY, shouldn’t worry about it. I’ll leave that to you Tumbl-folks, you sweet geniuses, you.

Roddy’s source images are from the Twilight Zone episode “People Are Alike All Over”, while the sugar bag was from Google, put there while trying to find a suitable-looking sugar bag and in no way implying that Domino Foods makes their sugar out of… Well, that’s a 70’s reference right there, folks. I don’t expect to make more of these things unless someone has some ideas they could share?

Posted: Tuesday 8th October at 5:11pm
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