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Welcome to my foray into tumblogging, where I share my ideas and other goofy things.

You might know me as "GigaCake-MmmKay" on DeviantArt.

I’m using this just as a dump for my brain, and I don’t care if this is a bad idea.

However, I would recommend that you do not follow me if you do not want to hear the rants of an autistic crazy-woman who thinks the “normal” world is weirder than her own imagination… Actually, no. That’s not fair to my imagination! The world has a weirdness all its own, as do I.

Watch out as I may tread on vulgar, sensitive, or touchy issues, but otherwise this page is safer for work than most things in this series of tubes. I wouldn’t post anything unsuitable that I didn’t find in some way entertaining, which means that a few of my posts might contain some swears and otherwise non-child-friendly material, but nothing obviously made just for vulgarity’s sake.

Vinny Pizzapasta presents the real sociological conundrums.


Because there is a serious lack of Thunderbirds on tumblr, I make it my duty from this day forth to post something Thunderbirds every day. I spent a whole semester of University making Thunderbirds the focus of my art practice, so I have in excess of 2,000 screenshots I’ve taken from all 32 episodes as well as both feature films. On top of that, I have plenty of behind the scenes shots, photos scanned from books and so on. I’d like to make my own blog just for Thunderbirds really, but I might do that in a couple of weeks when I get home. :)


EXCERPTS >|< Living Anatomical Model (1933)

 | Hosted at: Internet Archive
 | From: Wellcome Library
 | Download: Ogg | 512Kb MPEG4 | MPEG4
 | Digital Copy: attribution-non commercial 3.0 US

A series of Animated GIFs excerpted from Living Anatomical Model
This film acts as a demonstration of the action of muscles, vertebral column, hip and shoulder joints in living subject.

We invite you to watch the full video HERE.

Excerpts by OKKULT Motion Pictures: a collection of GIFs excerpted from out-of-copyright/unknown/rare/controversial moving images. 
A digital curation project for the diffusion of open knowledge.


Here’s a new song from GigaCake-MmmKay

"Good morning, sir. Reporting back from laundry duty, sir. A number of items may no longer fit you, sir.”

"Good morning, sir. Reporting back from laundry duty, sir. A number of items may no longer fit you, sir.”


when you see a picture of really good food on the internet